Chula Vista Child Care provides every child individualized personal growth opportunities, a rich learning environment and a chance to develop warm meaningful relationships. We offer a planned program of educational development and creative activities designed to stimulate children's physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.

Hours of Operations and Daily Schedule

Below is a glimpse of daily activities; please keep in mind our program is child directed; if children redirect activities staff comply.

6:30-7:00 am- Independent activity

7:00-7:45 am- Small group activity
(Adapted) Emergent curriculum, individualized age appropriate activities circle time, guided reading, theme concepts, review, and discussion of scheduled activities

8:00 am- Breakfast

9:00 am-Large group activities
Art, play-dough, puzzles, building and constructing, crafts dress-up, math,science, manipulative, music, discovery etc.

10:00 am- Snack prepared and eaten in separate groups as part of curriculum

11:00 am- Large motor activities
Climbing structure, playhouse, ball games, swimming, running games, follow-the-leader, parades, music and movement, dance, obstacle course, ride-on-toys, etc.
(First 15 minutes are teacher directed)

12:00 pm- Lunch

1:00 pm- Rest time (Soft Symphony Musical)

3:00 pm-Snack
Family or picnic style

3:30-4:45 pm- Indoor/Outside activities
A mixture of large and small muscle activities. The balance of the afternoon is spent in a comfortable paced, planned activities such as: care of pets, music, creative movement, block play, puzzles, and games until each child is picked-up.

5:00 pm- Dinner

5:30 pm- Closed

All meals and snacks are prepared and served according to USDA requirement; we are participates of the Child Nutrition Program of Southern California.